Friday, November 30, 2012

Friendly Boffin

Click above to get the single "To the Top" from Friendly Boffin
Click above to get the single "To the Top" from Friendly Boffin
Did you ever hear of the name of Boffin?'
'No,' said Mr Wegg, who was growing restive under this
examination. 'I never did hear of the name of Boffin.'
'Do you like it?'
'Why, no,' retorted Mr Wegg, again approaching desperation; 
'I can't say I do.'
'Why don't you like it?'
'I don't know why I don't,' retorted Mr Wegg, approaching frenzy,
'but I don't at all.'

'Now, I'll tell you something that'll make you sorry for that,' said
the stranger, smiling. 'My name's Boffin.'

'I can't help it!' returned Mr Wegg. Implying in his manner the offensive addition, 'and if I could, I wouldn't.'
'But there's another chance for you,' said Mr Boffin, smiling still, 'Do you like the name of Nicodemus? Think it over. Nick, or Noddy. Noddy Boffin,' said that gentleman. 'Noddy. That's my name. Noddy--or Nick--Boffin.'

- Charles Dickens

I am happy to announce that the first single from my electronic project Friendly Boffin with Wesley Brach is now available for free digital download!

Or you can support our work by purchasing the track from itunes or Amazonmp3

"To the Top" is the first collaboration from Wesley Brach and myself, recording under the name Friendly Boffin.  It started as an instrumental composition from Wesley who commissioned my lyrical input.  A couple weeks spinning the track in my car stereo brought us two verses. From there we bounced it back and forth until we reached a finished product.  Jonathan Natera of Flight Audio, IA did an excellent job on the final mastering. And after a part-time and therefore lengthy process of choosing a band name and putting together some album art, we are finally ready to present it to you.

Here's the idea: If we get some good response, we'll work on a few more tracks. So please drop us a line to let us know what you think.

Please help us get the word out by sharing the track on facebook, twitter, Google+ or whatever else you use.  We don't have the distribution power of the big record labels, so it's all up to you.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Men or man matters not to me
I feel my members shake
controlled within me

I stir the currents gently
Each synapse selected with certainty
and safely

Watch as I elevate
Light wraps its fingers around my face
I've seen a decade unfold
so how could I ever unfold?

Oh how it chafes, direction
I crave my own selection
A beast, a horn, a measured time
a change of course, a measured mind

I take my medicine
Swallow hard, keep it down
keep it up.

Watch as I elevate
Dawn as is usually the case
I awake and kiss the cold ground
We found our face and laid our guns down
But we stick to our guns now

Oh how it chafes, direction
I crave my own selection
A beast, a horn, a measured time
a change of course, a measured mind

Men or man matters not to me
I feel my members change
to stone within me

copyright 2012 Tom Moore

Pocket, Pocket

Tell me what brought you here
Irresistible wind
But not me, not me

A narrow escape
A mix-tape of early mistakes
Went back to her place
only in dream, in dream

What swelled to guard what I had started?
What swiftly swept away?

We're in its stead
We nod our heads
Snatched from the fire
I lit in my pocket, pocket

Convinced and cut
Drug through the muck
Into your lungs
then to be sung, to be sung

LAN lines and family
Your flawed faximole
You didn't know what you were meant to be

What swelled to guard what I had started?
What swiftly swept away?

We're in its stead
We nod our heads
Snatched from the fire
You lit in your pocket, pocket

copyright 2012 Tom Moore

Paul & John

He followed his questions with a smile
of condescension
I expounded
Jabbed and I was grounded
Did you mean to swing my way?

Is this what we've become
some kind of Paul and John?
I don't think I'll be the one
shot on the way back to my apartment.

I slowly come down to confess
I want this less and less
Not much of a gift, I guess
But I would never say a word against you.

copyright 2012 Tom Moore

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I've thoroughly enjoyed using my loop pedal over the past few years.  I feel it's only appropriate that I be a good sport and submit a video to the BOSS Loop Contest 2012.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tom Moore music live on Earbits Radio

My music is now streaming live on Earbits radio! I'm looking forwards to picking up a bunch of new listeners at this great new music sharing website. Please follow the link below to like Earbitz on Facebook:

Listen to us on commercial-free Earbits Radio, the best place to discover new music

Below are some links to listen to my music on Earbits radio. From their you can  share via Facebook, twitter, etc.

 I Need You Now -
Stupid Fairytales -
Hey You, Smile. Don't Cry -
Tables Turned -
It Took Five Years but Now We're Doing Fine -


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tom Moore and On the Soap Box - New Album Available March 23rd!

Tom Moore of Deltona, Ben Calhoun of Orlando and Caleb Muller, also from Orlando, have been long-time buddies, playing  local music venues around Central Florida since high school. Their first album, Songs for Your Mothers to GossipAbout was cut in 2008. The success of that album prompted the trio to launch their second album, Figure It Out! which will be released at a debut performance in DeLand on March 23.
“All the songs were written by the band over the past three or four years,” said bass/vocalist Tom Moore.   
“I describe the music as indie alternative and sometimes compare it to Rogue Wave or Death Cab for Cutie,” said Moore.
The 10-track album was recorded at a studio in Lake Mary with the help of sound engineer Wesley Brach.
On The Soap Box has a large, local following. The band's fans can enjoy singing along with their well-known original song Good-Bye, included on the album, and a new song, Red Flag.
“The title track, Figure It Out! is probably the band's favorite. It has a bunch of interesting time shifts and lyrics that deal with the inner struggle for balance between humility and self-confidence,” said Moore.
On The Soap Box will debut Figure It Out at Cafe DaVinci, 112 W. Georgia Ave., DeLand on Friday, March 23 at 7:30 p.m. Autographed CDs will be available at the show. Admission is free. 

written by Kathleen Rasche

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February News

Plenty of new and exciting things are happening in my humble world of independent music.  And of course, as my loyal fan, you will always be the first to hear what's happening.

To begin with, February is all things On the Soap Box (that's my three-piece indie alternative rock band, if you didn't already know).  We are putting the finishing touches on an eleven track album of original tunes that will be available this spring!  We know that all of our fans having been waiting a while for this release, but we are confident that it will not dissappoint. The album is entitled Figure it Out! and will feature all the songs that you have come to love including "Goodbye" and "Don't Ever Keep Quiet". In the meantime, follow us on facebook to get the latest news and download our debut album on itunes if you'd like to support our efforts.

Second, my good friend and musician/engineer Wesley Brach and I are very close to releasing our debut single "To the Top". This is something very new for me, a collaboration with unfathomable potential.  I know you will love this track. I've been told it's caught somewhere between S.T.A.R.S and Berlin (if that means anything to you), featuring Brach's musical composition and my vocals. And if we get a good response (i.e. if you download it and share it with all you friends) we might do some more collaborating in the future.

And, of course, I am continuing with my solo efforts.  My album is half-way there. And I will be playing at Genuine Bistro & Lounge this Saturday from 6:30-9:30pm. I hope to see all you local fans there!

I appreciate all the support at my shows, comments on my webpages, and responses to my emails.  It's nice to know that I have listeners out there. As long as I do, I'll be doing my best to create something worth listening to.

Thanks again