Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tom Moore at The 11th Annual Deland Original Music Festival

So, I finally got my specific show times for the 11th Annual Deland Original Music Festival. Just in case you haven't heard, the Deland Music Festival is coming back around on November 5th this year. The festival boasts over 200 acts on 30 stages in Historic Downtown Deland. Very cool, indeed! I'm looking forward to this year's event because, in addition to my solo performance, I will also be doing a set with my high-intensity indie alternative band On the Soap Box (OTSB). Some of my favorite local area bands are going to be there too.

Here's the skinny: The festival is all day, from 1pm-2am. Both OTSB and myself are performing on "Free Entry" stages. So, you can come see us for free! But if you want access to the entire festival you will have to buy a ticket. Tickets are $15 at the gate or you can get them ahead of time for $10 on the festival website. If you get them online ahead of time, make sure you put in "Tom Moore" under Band/Act Referral....that'll help me out a bit. Click here to buy discounted tickets online.

Here are my performance times:

Tom Moore - 9:20pm @ The Elusive Grape, 113 N Woodland Blvd, Deland, FL 32720

On the Soap Box - 6:00pm @ The Abbey, 117 N Woodland Blvd, Deland, FL 32720

Voting is still open for the 2011 SSA Music Awards. So, please click over and vote for me. You can also look at the scheduled acts ahead on time, which I strongly suggest so that you can plan ahead which acts you want to check out.

Can't wait to see you there! It's going to be a great night! Please forward this info to all of your people. Post it on your social networks, etc. Here is a link to the awesome flyer that was created for me by my good friend and loyal fan Emily Hart at Monkey Baby Photography.

Thanks for all the support.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tom Moore on Jango Internet Radio

Hey there friends/fans and fellow music enthusiasts,

If you are someone that likes to use the internet to discover new and interesting music, likely you have already heard of Pandora internet radio. This service allows you to customize your own radio stations so that they only play music that you like and then introduces you to other artists that you might like based on your musical tastes. Pretty cool!

But recently I stumbled across another free online radio website that is similar to Pandora and that, dare I say it, I like a little more: Jango - Free Internet Radio that Plays What You Want!

So, why my unswerving support of Jango? I've narrowed it down to 10 succinct reasons for you to give it a try:

1) No commercial interruptions
2) A fancy little transparent homescreen app for your smart phone
3) Networking features that allow you to share your musical discoveries with your friends or even tune in to someone else's customized radio station and learn about new artists that they enjoy.
4-10) Jango will play my music!

Unlike Pandora, that seems to be in the unyeilding clutches of the record companies, Jango allows quality, proffessionally produced, independent artists (such as myself) to submit their music. Jango will help me reach new fans and find out what other artists I am similar to. This is incredibly useful for future promotions and understanding what kind of listeners will enjoy my music.

So give it a shot, eh? Click on this link to get to the Tom Moore (Indie) station. Then, after you've given my song the "thumbs-up", you can add any other artist to start fine-tuning your online radio experience. Sign up and Jango will save all of your customized stations.

You guys are the best! Have I ever told you that?

Thanks again for your support.


Friday, July 8, 2011

“It Took Five Years...” Review in Daytona Beach News-Journal.

If you happened to pick up the Friday, July 8th edition of the Daytona Beach News-Journal, I hope you ventured past the all too disturbing local headlines to the local entertainment section, GO 386.

Thanks to entertainment writer Rick de Yampert and Dave Wersinger in editing, the entertainment section featured a spotlight on recent releases by area musicians. And the second titled highlighted...? Tom Moore. “It Took Five Years but Now We’re Doing Fine”.

Those guys are great. Big thanks! Although I haven’t heard enough of James Blunt’s material to really comment on that reference, anybody who compares my music to a track from The Beatles is alright with me!

Read the entire review on the GO 386 website.

It’s nice to get a little momentum whilst waist deep recording my new project. Or should I say: projects. More on that later.  Thanks for all your support.


I Need You Now by tommooremusic

Monday, March 28, 2011

"I Need You Now" Music Video Shoot

Of all the tracks on my latest release It Took Five Years but Now We're Doing Fine, the most successful track by far on the web and from listener feedback is the song "I Need You Now".  Perhaps it's because my song coincidentally shares it's name with  the cross-over country pop single that airs incessantly on your local top 40 radio station. But more than likely, it is the charming voice of my lovely wife Meagan, who debuts on this duet, that has captured the hearts of my central Florida listeners.

That being the case, "I Need You Now" was the natural choice for the music video shoot that was organized as an extra curricular project for the digital video students from Seminole State College in Heathrow, FL.  Thanks to Dan Walker and his students for offering to help me out!  We really had a great time and I can't wait to see the finished product!

The shoot was filmed at our very own downtown Lake Mary.  We filmed a few shots of Meagan and I acting out our little marital squabble that is depicted in the song. Then we did a few takes of us performing the song live.  It's in the creative hands of the SSC students now!  And rest assured that I will share my first official music video with you as soon as I can.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deltona Coffee House

The Deltona Arts & Historic Center, where I teach guitar and voice lessons, has just started hosting live events every Saturday night as part of what they call the Deltona Coffee House. "Good for them" for trying to bring some arts into the creative wasteland of Deltona, FL!

But, bad for them for misspelling my name on the April 2nd Grand Opening Songwriter's Showcase flyer. That featured artist there at the bottom "Tom Martin".....that's supposed to be me.

Check out my Calendar page for a list of my upcoming performances.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tom Moore Music Featured on Intheeditingroom.com

I am proud to announce that my song "I Need You Now" is now being featured on the professional photography site of Khadees Design at intheeditingroom.com

Khadees is a creative and inspirational photographer out of Orlando, FL. He specializes in wedding photography, engagement photo shoots, headshots, and family portraits. And, although I do say so myself, I think my music fits perfectly with the photo-reel on the homepage of intheeditingroom.com.

Thanks Khadees Design!