Monday, January 18, 2010

Nico Globos

I must say, I am really beginning to feel right at home at Nico Globos. If you haven't stopped by to visit yet, you really should. The atmosphere is great and the people are really friendly. And the food is good too. For such a new restaurant it is getting quite a reputation. We have people visiting from all over the place that have heard about the restaurant just from word of mouth.

Maybe it sounds like I 'm pluggin the restaurant a lot. But in all honesty; I have performed at a number of different restaurants over the past year or so and, well........I am really enjoying my nights at Nico Globos. The guests are always very complimentary and the staff are so easy to get along with. I feel like a good fit for the little European Gastropub.

Anyway, I perform from 6pm-9pm every Friday night and from about 12pm-2pm on Sunday afternoons for the lunch crowd. Sometimes, I play a little later on Fridays. Like, for instance, when we have a crowd like we did last Friday night. My goodness! They wouldn't let me stop playing! But they were fun and made me laugh as they sang along. A good time was had by all.

And tonight.....? Recording in Deltona on my solo EP. More on that later


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  1. The one place I haven't made it to see you play.
    Sounds like a cool place.... gotta make it out there soon and get some good shots.

    Can't wait for the solo EP.... uber exciting.