Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Online Video Contest

By now, I am sure you have heard about my upcoming concert at the Gateway Center for the Arts in Debary, FL. An exciting and ground breaking performance, indeed...not one that you are going to want to miss.

So I would like to announce that I have arranged for you to win FREE TICKETS!!

I am hosting my first online video contest; an opportunity for my fans to get a little creative, have some fun, and win not only two free tickets to my show at the Gateway Center but also a signed copy of my new EP!

Here it is in a nut shell: Make a video for the song "Stupid Fairytales" (this could be a music video, picture montage, or even you performing a cover of my song). Upload it to youtube and whoever gets the most hits by October 25th wins!

Here are the contest requirements in full:

1) Get the free download of "Stupid Fairytales" from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mooretom

2) Create a music video, photo montage, or video of you performing the song

3) Upload to YouTube

4) Send the YouTube link to contest@tommooremusic.com

5) Get as many hits as you can by October 25th! I will check all the submissions at 9:00pm on October 25th.

If your video has the most views, you win 2 FREE tickets to Tom Moore - Live @ Gateway Center for the Arts and a signed copy of the EP "It Took Five Years but Now We're Doing Fine"!

Better get cracking!

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