Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tom Moore on Jango Internet Radio

Hey there friends/fans and fellow music enthusiasts,

If you are someone that likes to use the internet to discover new and interesting music, likely you have already heard of Pandora internet radio. This service allows you to customize your own radio stations so that they only play music that you like and then introduces you to other artists that you might like based on your musical tastes. Pretty cool!

But recently I stumbled across another free online radio website that is similar to Pandora and that, dare I say it, I like a little more: Jango - Free Internet Radio that Plays What You Want!

So, why my unswerving support of Jango? I've narrowed it down to 10 succinct reasons for you to give it a try:

1) No commercial interruptions
2) A fancy little transparent homescreen app for your smart phone
3) Networking features that allow you to share your musical discoveries with your friends or even tune in to someone else's customized radio station and learn about new artists that they enjoy.
4-10) Jango will play my music!

Unlike Pandora, that seems to be in the unyeilding clutches of the record companies, Jango allows quality, proffessionally produced, independent artists (such as myself) to submit their music. Jango will help me reach new fans and find out what other artists I am similar to. This is incredibly useful for future promotions and understanding what kind of listeners will enjoy my music.

So give it a shot, eh? Click on this link to get to the Tom Moore (Indie) station. Then, after you've given my song the "thumbs-up", you can add any other artist to start fine-tuning your online radio experience. Sign up and Jango will save all of your customized stations.

You guys are the best! Have I ever told you that?

Thanks again for your support.


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